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Svarog Beef jerky SHOP Delicious flavors of spicy dried beef

Beef jerky Svarog online store of dried spicy beefjerky

Every day, Slovenians understand the importance of local food

AGRA 2017 Bronasta medalja (Beef jerky ORIGINAL)   AGRA 2018 Bronasta medalja (Beef jerky ORIGINAL)

AGRA 2019 Srebrna medalja (Beef jerky ORIGINAL)AGRA 2019 Srebrna medalja (Beef jerky DIMLJENO)AGRA 2019 Zlata medalja (Beef jerky ČILI-SRIRACHA)


Beef jerky ORIGINAL 50g

3.40 EUR

Beef jerky ORIGINAL 15x50g

45.00 EUR

Beef jerky DIMLJENO 50g

3.40 EUR

Beef jerky DIMLJENO 15x50g

45.00 EUR

Beef jerky CHILI-SRIRACHA 50g

3.40 EUR

Beef jerky CHILI-SRIRACHA 15x50g

45.00 EUR

Beef jerky MIX 15x50g

45.00 EUR

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24 hour shipping! Original Svarog Beef Jerky wide selection of products. Beefjerky ORIGINAL, CHILI and SMOKED.

The dried meats made with us are done carefully and by hand. We have selected only the best pieces of beef thigh and the best spices for you. Together we have created a harmony of taste. BON APPETIT!

Svarog contact

Contact us and we will be happy to provide you with all the information!

You are always welcome

ZRNJE - zavod za promocijo zdravega in varnega življenja

Cesta bratstva in enotnosti 20, SI-8330 Metlika

+ 386 31 571 032

Here you can write to us your comments, suggestions, compliments, criticisms or orders. Or you can contact us just like that as you are always welcome.

We strive to continuously increase the quantities of quality and safe food produced and processed in our country for national self-care.

Beef jerky SHOP Delicious flavors of spicy dried beef

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