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Beef jerky - Delicious flavors of spicy dried beef

Due to its low fat content and high protein content in dried beef jerky, it is regularly used by professional soldiers, professional athletes, and anyone who needs new strength after hard training or work.

Our BEEF JERKY is the recipient of the AGRA 2017,2018,2019 and 2020 Bronze Quality Award.

AGRA 2017 Bronasta medalja (Beef jerky ORIGINAL) AGRA 2018 Bronasta medalja (Beef jerky ORIGINAL) AGRA 2019 Srebrna medalja (Beef jerky ORIGINAL)AGRA 2019 Srebrna medalja (Beef jerky DIMLJENO)AGRA 2019 Zlata medalja (Beef jerky ČILI-SRIRACHA)

AGRA 2020 Srebrna medalja (Beef jerky DIMLJENO)