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Svarog Zavod Zrnje - promoting a healthy and safe life

The homepage of the institution, which is a non-governmental, non-profit, humanitarian-oriented organization founded with the idea and desire to raise awareness and educate children and adults.

Every day, Slovenians understand the importance of local food

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Svarog (also Tvarog, Rarog, Rarach, Jarog, Svarun) is a poorly known Slavic deity who is considered to befather of Svarozic / Svarozic; according to Russian legend, the old king is also among the people. The Ipatic Chronicle specifically confirms that the Slavs called Svarog the sky. The name Svarog after Moszynski is derived from the Sanskrit root of svar in the sense of » lightning, sky, sun « Even after Petazzoni, the name is associated with the Sanskrit words svar, surya (sun), svarga (sky). Swarga means » glowing sky « Martynav concludes through the Ossetian adjective -ak or -ag and through the Scythian adjective -akos and -agos that Svarog means an adjective with the meaning "radiant."

Svarog is supposed to be the father of the sun and fire: we know from the folk narrative that among the Slavs, the moon and the star were also the brother or sister to the sun and fire. Therefore, Svarogic's (Svarog's children) could be a whole species. Some interpret Svarog as interpreting the godless creator god (deus otiosus). Svarog is said to be an incorporeal heavenly god, and the Ipatic Chronicle also reports that the Slavs called Svarog heaven. Svarog also seems to be the most suitable substitute for the former Indo-European Dyau Pater, whom the Slavic ancestors must have known, and which was probably forgotten by Iranian influences.
Source: Wikipedia

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ZRNJE - zavod za promocijo zdravega in varnega življenja

Cesta bratstva in enotnosti 20, SI-8330 Metlika

+ 386 31 571 032

Here you can write to us your comments, suggestions, compliments, criticisms or orders. Or you can contact us just like that as you are always welcome.

We strive to continuously increase the quantities of produced and processed quality and safe food for national self-care in our country.

Zavod Zrnje - promoting a healthy and safe life

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